PathPlanner AutoBuilder Not Selecting an Auto

Hello! I am having an issue with PathPlanner’s AutoBuilder. According to the docs, we configure the AutoBuilder and then create the autoChooser = AutoBuilder.buildAutoChooser(); command in robot container, and all of the autos are automatically populated. However, when I go on shuffleboard, I see the autoChooser box with a dropdown, but when I click on the dropdown, nothing shows up. We have around 10 autos but the chooser doesn’t see them. The weirdest part about it is that the dropdown sometimes works when we deploy again, even though we didn’t change anything with the autoBuilder. The only solution I can think of that might work is to reimage the Rio since some of the autos we deleted in the code might be stored in the Rio’s memory causing an error (In other words, the Rio might be trying to add an auto to the chooser that doesn’t exist in the code). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else we could try?

The first image is our RobotContainer with an error message about the AutoBuilder, and the second and third is our AutoBuilder.configureHolonomic function compared to the one found in the PathPlanner Docs.

It looks like you’re calling buildAutoChooser in RobotContainer before you call configureHolonomic in DriveSubsystem. You have to configure the autobuilder before you do anything else with it. Check out the message in your terminal window.

Ok, we added Swerve.getInstance(); in our RobotContainer to call the Swerve class before the AutoBuilder. Our ConfigureHolonomic for the AutoBuilder is in our class. For others who used the YAGSL code, it might be in the class. It works in simulation, I will test it tonight with the actual robot. Thank you!

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