PathPlanner Movement

Currently for our autonomous we are using pathplanner with the swerve code that is generated by the Phoenix tuner X swerve code generator. Despite the PID values for the pathplanner being 0 the wheels still rotate and drive. Also the path that it follows does not seem to be the path that we want it to take. For example when we want the robot to just move forward it moves to the right and then moves forward. However during teleop the robot seems to move without any issues and only autonomous is giving us problems.
Here is the link to the code that we are using for the robot.

The PathPlanner PID values are essentially only used to get your robot back on track if it’s not following properly. When following a path with PID = 0, PathPlanner will still sample the path and output the desired ChassisSpeeds, which your code would then apply.

I recommend running with PathPlanner’s telemetry tab connected and open. If I had to guess, your starting pose isn’t matching what you expect.

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