PathPlanner Only Running First Event

We’re running into an issue with PathPlanner where when trying to run a set of sequential commands it only runs the first one. This is the PathPlanner bit of our container file Container - and this is our auto path file Auto - . Any tips or suggestions would be amazing!

I didn’t look at your code. Despite that, you may find this useful. Pathplanner runs autos as sequential command groups, meaning that any subsystem required by any command is never released until after the entire auto ends. Consider doing .asProxy() at the end of each command to not add its requirements to the whole command group.

Are the events you’ve added into pathplanner spelled exactly same as the way they are in your code?

Yes, they are

It looks like you have upper case letters in yor event map. Make sure you have them in yor path. Also does the path run? If the first command runs Nd the path never starts the you probably have an issue with the finished method of your command. Lastly, it would help to see the two commands and the actual path file.

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The path does run
Here is the path file One Piece Path -
and the commands are in the Auto link

The EventMap is in the auto file but your actual command classes. I want to see the Finished method.

I looked at your path file and you have a wait of 3 seconds. Could it be waiting for your commands for 3 sec and the moving on?