PathPlanner PathGroup with velocity at stop and reversal point

I’m working on a PathPlanner auto to drive out of the community at a cone, and then transition smoothly into our command that uses vision to pick up a cone. What I’d like to change is that the robot stops at the end of the path, and then starts moving again toward the cone. See this onboard video:

It’s a problem because this is also a point where we want to reverse the robot. It’s the selected point on the right:

By messing with turning off “Reversal” I can get it better, but it’s flaky depending on the heading of the point. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it still stops, and other times it slows to the point and then rams forward wildy way beyond the point.

I’d like to create one path with “stop points” so I can insert the events, load it with PathPlanner.loadPathGroup, and run it with SwerveAutoBuilder.fullAuto(). Is my only option to break the segments apart into their own paths?