PathPlanner setting chassisSpeeds to NaN after backing up

I’m having a strange issue with PathPlanner. When attempting to move forward after backing up, PathPlanner sets the chassisSpeeds in the driveRobotRelative to NaN. This causes the modules to spin wildly.

The autonomous is fairly simple: It backs up, stops, and then moves forward. The “move forward” path is simply the reverse of the “move backward” path. I think the only strange thing is that the starting position, all of the waypoints, and all of the goal end states have the orientation set to 180 degrees so that it will back up and not spin around.

If I don’t do this reversing motion pathplanner works perfectly otherwise. I can go forward, sideways, backward, spin around, etc. I’m at a bit of a loss as to why this particular path leads to this behavior.

I just wanted to follow up on this. After a couple of weeks, we downloaded the updates for PathPlanner and this issue disappeared. Paths created before the update still have the issue but any created after have no problems. So the issue was something in the saved paths.

Just wanted to share in case that helps the devs or another person with the same issue.