Pathwaver 2020 field image

Does anyone know when the 2020 field image for Pathweaver will be coming out. I’m looking at this page and the only field images are the 2018 and 2019 ones. Maybe I’m getting a little impatient because the 2019 field image was released on kickoff. Anyway I’m just wondering if anyone has any information on this. Thank you.

Came here looking for answers myself…

No one’s made a PR to PathWeaver yet, but figure 4-1 in the game manual looks promising.

And for those interested in contributing, instructions here:

So does anyone if WPI plans on maintaining Pathweaver by making new field images every year? If not I guess I can just do a CAD of the field without all the dimensioning and what not.

Yes. We just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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You could easily make my field views work, as the 2018 image is my (incorrectly made) equivalent.

Someone made an image. We can use this until the official WPI ones come out.

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