Pathweaver 2020 Game Help

I am new to pathweaver and was trying to figure out what it can do. After reading the docs, I learned that you can create projects based on frc games. I downloaded the latest version of wpilib and I when I start the pathweaver tool the lates game I can get is 2019. Is the 2020 game supported? Thanks!


This is what I can get:

My other option is to try to make a custom layout. Is this what other people are doing?

The PathWeaver team has incorporated the 2020 game, but they haven’t released yet. Here’s how you can get it updated yourself:

  1. Download 2020-Field.png and 2020-infiniterecharge.json
  2. Open Explorer on your computer and type this in the address bar: %USERPROFILE%/PathWeaver/Games and press enter.
  3. Create a folder named Infinite Recharge and open it.
  4. Copy the downloaded files into this new directory.
  5. Restart PathWeaver if you had it open.

More details are available here: Adding field images to PathWeaver


I tried to follow your instructions, but I got this

Does it have to be a zipped folder?

You need to copy paste the JSON instead of downloading it. If you open it now, it looks like HTML. I’m pretty sure you saved the entire HTML file for GitHub instead of just the JSON.

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This is what I downloaded, do you think it will work?

Oh hang on. How do you copy paste the file?

This is the layout I am trying to follow, but I am still getting errors.

Like this:

Any other pathweaver users out there know how to do this?

I would really appreciate it.

I’m confused.

Gotta keep this topic where people can see it.

You don’t need to put it in a ZIP, but you do need to download just the JSON. Try this link straight to the raw JSON instead:

I’ll update my link above.

When I download this, I get this: image
Which is what I had before. Do you think I am settin g up the directory wrong?

Oh I think youre right

Ah thanks! I couldn’t tell the difference between the files until I opened them in a text editor.

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Where did you find “Infinite”