PathWeaver couldn't be launched

recently, we have wanted to use PathWeaver, so i search lots of info. on the Net
and i follow like this:
first : open our vscode
second: click “W” and search “start tool”
third : find PathWeaver then click it

but it didn’t work!!! what’s going on???
(btw we can use shuffleboard )

Works for me, Windows 11.

Debugging steps to try

  • Reinstall WPILib via the Installer.
  • Share screenshots of you pressing the Pathweaver button
  • Does opening Pathweaver via the desktop shortcut work?
  • What OS?

Please try/share information on all of the above.

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What WPILIB version are you using? (W → WPILib: Open Project Information).

Can you find any hs_err_pid*. log files anywhere with timestamps that match your crash?

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sry i can’t send my attachment
so i use google drive to show ( in word file)

That shows 2022.4.1, which is the latest. It still might be worth reinstalling as Daltz3 suggested. Also still worth looking for crash files.


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we have reinstalled three times.
so should we change our computer? thanks

Above you say: “it didn’t work!!!” can you be a lot more specific about what it did. Did it do absolutely nothing? Did it give you a error message?

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Did you manage to find any crash files?

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If you’re on a mac (this happened to me with the glass tool), go to the wpilib folder in your user folder then go 2022 > tools > artifacts > pathweaver-something.jar

(as a side note, I recommend path planner)

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thanks every mentors, developers and captains, we have solved these problem, we reinstalled up to three times, and suddenly it worked !!!

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