Pathweaver, following path in timedrobot

Hello, I have been following the trajectory tutorial stuff. We used Pathweaver to make a path and did all the FRC-Charcterization things but the tutorial is basically saying we have to use command base which we will not ever use, so how would we follow the path without command based?

A RamseteController example exists that doesn’t use command-based. The tutorial directs to it too.

We followed that tutorial now but it has such bizarre behavior. For the Trajectory generator it only seems to work if we keep the same values as provided in the tutorial.

public Trajectory generateTrajectory() {

    // 2018 cross scale auto waypoints.
    //Pose2d sideStart = new Pose2d(Units.feetToMeters(1.54), Units.feetToMeters(23.23),
   // Rotation2d.fromDegrees(-180));
    //Pose2d crossScale = new Pose2d(Units.feetToMeters(23.7), Units.feetToMeters(22.1),

    ArrayList<Translation2d> interiorWaypoints = new ArrayList<Translation2d>();
    //interiorWaypoints.add(new Translation2d(Units.feetToMeters(7.0), Units.feetToMeters(23.23)));
    //interiorWaypoints.add(new Translation2d(Units.feetToMeters(10.0), Units.feetToMeters(23.23)));

    TrajectoryConfig config = new TrajectoryConfig(Units.feetToMeters(12), Units.feetToMeters(12));
    Trajectory trajectoryTest = TrajectoryGenerator.generateTrajectory(
        new Pose2d(), interiorWaypoints,new Pose2d(1.0, 0, new Rotation2d()),

    return trajectoryTest;


Should this not just go 1 meter forward?

With what the tutorial on WPI it’ll drive basically forever, seeing as we don’t quite have enough room in our shop to see when it’ll stop, but as soon as we change any of the original values it refuses to move.

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