Pathweaver not generating left and right paths

We are trying to generate a path for our robot to follow. When I created my project, I put in the necessary variables for wheel base (24.5 inches) and velocity and acceleration.

When I make a path, it comes out with only one path, like this:

When we build the path, it only creates one file, not one for left and right. The documentation on show that it should generate two paths: one ending with .left, and one ending with .right.

The docs are out of date (there is an open issue for this). The 2020 version of PathWeaver generates a JSON file for use with RamseteCommand, see these docs for details… the main missing documentation is an example of how to load the JSON file on the robot.


There is a utility class for reading the JSON, see PathWeaver Time Step value gone?

The documentation has been updated for reading JSON, see

How do you create a reversed trajectory with PathWeaver? It doesn’t seem like there’s options in PathWeaver to change it nor to set an already generated path to be reversed.

It’s not yet supported.

A workaround would be providing the waypoints in robot code instead of using a PathWeaver JSON so you can set the reversed flag in TrajectoryConfig yourself.

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