PathWeaver not importing on other computer

My teammate is trying to access my PathWeaver project on his computers. I created the project with all of these paths, and he has access to the repository on his computer. The PathWeaver paths are there, but for some reason it won’t import on the PathWeaver software. I’m opening the correct directory. Also, the paths won’t automatically deploy to the roboRIO… Any suggestions?

Do you have a link to your project that holds the files?

This is the branch I’m working in right now.

I just cloned your repo. Opened PathWeaver. Chose Import. Selected the PathWeaver (it has to be this one) directory within your repo and everything imported just fine.

Then I chose edit project went to the output directory and selected the SulfuricAcid2021 folder. I then chose build paths and the paths appeared properly in the /deploy/paths folder.

I am not sure if these are your final paths but I would think about reversing your bounce paths.

I also prefer to set up a directory structure of PathWeaver projects so each one has the proper field diagram. See our code

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