Pathweaver only generates 4 paths

We have a few auto paths laid out, but whenever we try to “Build Paths”, only our first 4 paths end up being generated.

Output folder:

Pathweaver doesn’t throw any errors or give any status messages, and all of the log files generated are empty. We’re left a bit confused here, so any help is appreciated.

Hello. I’m a contributor to PathWeaver and I can’'t reproduce this with 5 new, default paths. Do you mind sending me your project folder so I can test?

so this is an interesting issue

it turns out that through tweaking some values and tangents we were able to get the paths building again

How exactly were you able to get pathweaver working with the 2020 field?

we found a field download on chiefdelphi

then we used the json from deep space as a basis

Thanks! I’m new to using pathweaver and would like to attempt to bring it to my robot this year. Do you have any examples of how you were successfully able to follow a path?

sadly this is also our first year really using pathweaver, but I’d be happy to help you out as soon as we get our drivetrain cooperating

Sure! My team really would like me to implement it, I plan on using a Ramesete command. My only confusion was how to use mechanisms like the shooter while following a path. My robot would need to turn around, shoot then turn pick up balls while moving and shoot again.

This is how I would do it …not necessarily how you have to do it, but you could run the drivetrain path following in one thread and other subsystems in another thread. Multi-tasking/threading is fairly trivial in my experience in FRC programming.

I’m on my phone right now, but once I’m on my PC later I’ll add a link to some examples.

I’m not 100% clear on the specifics of doing this with command based (we use a custom auto solution based around “actions” but it’s similar enough that the same concept applies), but the relevant PathWeaver feature is Path Groups.

You’ll want to create multiple paths that add up to the full path you want to follow. For example, you would have one path to drive to balls, another path that drives along the balls, then another path to return to wherever you shoot from. Between these, you can use commands to start and stop intaking.

With the path, would I create one path to turn around. Create a ramesete command to follow that path, use our vision shooting command, create another ramesete command to follow the path to the balls but how would I run our intake and the path following at the same time? With command group could I do it sequentially?

You can use a command group. If you’re using a new 2020 project, it can easily be constructed with the Command Decorator Methods

For example, if you have a Ramsete command called ramseteCommand and an intake command called intakeBallCommand, you could just do this:


Using alongWith() will run them in parallel, and it won’t finish until both commands are done.

If you want to do it sequentially, you can do this:


Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for!

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