Pathweaver Problem

Hello, I tried to use Pathweaver to generate paths, but I get “IOException” error in my code after adding the following lines:
leftTrajectory = PathfinderFRC.getTrajectory(“test.left”);
rightTrajectory = PathfinderFRC.getTrajectory(“test.right”);

Do you have a public repository we could look at the current code?

Sorry, but I don’t have, but what do you think the problem is?

This error means that it can’t find/load the files on the robot. Files can be put into src/main/deploy to be copied to the robot during deployment.

You are reading from a file. Make sure to add some try catch or throw exceptions Incase the file is not found. Your prolly getting this error because it is unable to locate the file on the robot.

Okay, all of my code is not at all on the roboRIO, I haven’t built my code into the robot.
That means that if the code isn’t on the roboRIO, I will receive that error?

This is why it’s important to post the entire error message. My guess is that you’re not catching the IOException.

Okay, so all I have to do is to build my code into the robot?

U need to put a try catch around the reading.