Pathweaver System Identification

Hello, our team is trying to run characterization. We put in all the settings in the generator(I believe), but the logger continues to say NT Disconnected. We’ve tried powerycling, checking ID’s, updating to the most recent version of SYSID, but it continues to say NT Disconnected. We’re currently using SparkMax brushless motors, encoder port, as well as a NAVX2 gyro. Has anyone encountered similar issues, and know if there are any solutions?

What version of sysid are you using? Make sure you’re using the latest (2023.3.2). Does the DriverStation say anything about whether robot code is running? Are there any errors in the DS console window?

we are using 2023.3.2. I don’t believe there were any errors in the ds console window. Our normal teleop driving stuff ran fine. I’ll give an update tomorrow

Sounds like you’re probably hitting this: SysId robot program exits with "Hall sensor measurement period must be in the range of [8, 64]" · Issue #479 · wpilibsuite/sysid · GitHub

Until WPILib does a new release you could grab the development build with the fix from here and try running that: Fix display of Spark Max time measurement window setting · wpilibsuite/sysid@27502bd · GitHub

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