PathWeaver Tool Not Opening

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to open up PathWeaver, but I keep getting this JSON error when I open it up. I’ve looked through my PathWeaver folders/files, and I can’t seem to pinpoint the problem; I can open up all other WPILib Tools (RobotBuilder, OutlineViewer, etc.), but I can’t open up PathWeaver. I’ve tried opening up the PathWeaver versions from previous years too, and they did not open either. Here is a picture of the error I’m getting

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Which version of WPILib do you have? I would try installing 2.1 if you haven’t.
How are you launching PathWeaver? If you aren’t doing it through clicking on the …->Start Tool->PathWeaver try it that way.
What OS?


Are you adding field images manually? Looks like an error in one of the game json files.

I believe all the PathWeaver versions are going to look for field images inside {Home Directory}/Users/{User}/Pathweaver So if you have any in there and they’re malformed, all versions will error.

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Custom games need to loaded into the /PathWeaver/Games directory as shown here

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Ah yeah, if he’s on windows it loads in the home directory

Games are loaded from the ~/PathWeaver/Games on Linux and macOS or %USERPROFILE%/PathWeaver/Games directory on Windows.

Judging by the UI in his screenshot, he’s on windows.

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Found the problem! It was an error in one of the JSON files like you said.

When we copied the file path of the image, it copied using single backslashes, so it looked something like C:\Users\myuser\PathWeaver\Games\2021Field\2021Field.png

We realized that we should have been using double backslashes or a single forward slash and instead and changed it to C:/Users/myuser/PathWeaver/Games/2021Field/2021Field.png

It works perfectly now!

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