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Hello everyone.
I have been trying to load and read the paths that Pathweaver leaves in my robot’s code, and just a day ago it worked perfectly printing the message that said that on the screen, however, today when I was modifying my code it started printing on the screen that was inaccessible without being able to solve it.
This has happened to me before, the only way I found to fix it was to write new code, but now that it has happened again, I would like to fix this once and for all and check what I am doing wrong.


Can you please post the full stack trace being outputted in the catch?


Is this all paths or just b.wpilib.json? Try creating a simple path and loading that. Your program is failing in native fromPathweaverJson(String) → double[], so it is hard to find the exact cause.

Do you have a link to your code? If so we could try to reproduce this / inspect b.wpilib.json

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MyCodes/ at main · Jose-Rashest/MyCodes (

MyCodes/Test_Path/src/main/deploy at main · Jose-Rashest/MyCodes (

This is the issue you are running into. You can fix this path by replacing the “null” curvature. Alternatively you can just not use 0,0 tangents. I will try to fix this next release.

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in fact that was the problem, thank you for helping me solve this problem :smiley:

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