PathWeaver Vendor Dependecy Issuses

I am having troubles with adding Pathfinder as a vendor dependency. I copied the vendor dependency link from the WPI screen steps then pasted it into the Command Palette under, Manage Vendor Libraries -> Install new Library online. Then, I go to check if the library is installed by Manage Vendor Libraries -> Manage Current Libraries and it is not there. What am I doing wrong?

Screen Steps :

Earlier I was getting a forbidden error downloading the json file but now it’s working. Try again.

I am not getting any errors, but it still does not show it is downloaded.

Just to ensure you got the correct file, here is the link:

If you copy the link address and go to Manage Vendor Libraries → Install New Library Online, copy in the link there(I assume you’ve already done that). If that doesn’t work, I’ve attached a copy of the Pathfinder.json file. If you download this and put it into the following file folder, you should be set to go: C:\Users\Public\frc2019\vendordeps
Paste the json file in there, go to Manage Vendor Libraries->Install New Library Offline, and the file should pop up.

PathfinderOLD.json (2.6 KB)

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