PathWeaver With AMT103-V Encoders

Hi, I am part of a rookie team, 8033, and we are currently trying to use pathweaver on our robot that has AMT103-V encoders that we got through the first choice store. After plugging in all the encoders we ran the robot characterization to gain all the necessary values to run pathweaver trajectories. While running some of the tests, our robot was going about a half meter farther than what the characterization firmware said. We thought this would have to do with the encoder edges per revolution which we set to 4000 because we set the pulses per revolution to 1000 on the encoders. This could also be from the robot drifting after we disable it in the driver station during the characterization. With the values we got (You can see in the images below) we setup a trajectory and ran it so that the robot would travel straight one meter. You can see the code on our github:
The robot ran a bit over a meter, but enough to make it off by a decent amount. If anyone can help explain the causes of our distances being off that would be great. Also if anyone knows the edges per revolution for the AMT103-V encoders or if we should get better encoders for our drive base.

Link to a google drive folder with all of our data:

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