PAX 2016 With Cooler Master & Robotics

Cooler Master has been at PAX this weekend showing off some great robotics teams and their system builds. Check out a really cool video from NCIX with interviews of the teams. They covered everything from robotics to Girl Scout Cookies.

I saw you there! Great to see Cooler Master involving the robotics teams in some of their other PR events. The more exposure, the better.

The video is private

Looks great!
Awesome to see teams at PAX :slight_smile:

Please check again, NCIX is a huge media producer on YouTube, I don’t think they would make private videos.

lol ya, i know who ncix is :smiley: . Its fixed now, however the video is now unlisted not open to the public

On behalf of the Space Cookies, I’d like to thank Cooler Master for this great opportunity, and congratulate the Robodox on their win. We hope we’ll see you guys again soon! We learned a lot during this project and had lots of fun building and competing (and we’re all now really good at folding paper airplanes!)

I’ve been trying to hunt down the time lapse of us folding airplanes, but since I haven’t had much luck, here are some other pictures.

Here are just some of the thousands of airplanes we folded. As a time reference, it took 3 of us 40min to fold the first 100 (assembly-line). By the end of the event, we could do that in about half that time, and had gotten significantly more accurate at it. Although that did mean they flew farther and hit more people…sorry again to everyone who got hit with our airplanes.

Also, thank you to Cooler Master for promoting FIRST and FRC. I talked to several alumni (and at least one current student), as well as 2 people who were very interested said they wanted to get involved volunteering/mentoring. The TV showing the FIRST logo in the image below was looping several videos, a couple of which were by FRC teams.

And finally, thank you for the cheesecake!

They have updated the link, the old one works still but here is the new one: