Payload Specialist

Hmmmm sitting there today after school at our meeting. Me and my friends wondered if the Payload Specialist, if possible, could score two orbit balls at once. By throwing both into the trailor at the same time. Would this be legal?

He’s got two hands right? I see no rule stopping a PS from throwing an armload at a time over the wall, but I doubt that would be very accurate. :wink:

From what I’ve read in the manual, it should be legal, but it’s highly doubtful that you would be able to throw 2 at once, and have both of them make it in. The gap between the posts and center poles on the trailers is 10.4", and the ball diameter is 9", I believe, not to mention the fact that they’ll be on moving robots, and the human has a wall to throw it over.

don’t the Human Players (excuse my veteren lingo), Have to use that pole thing to pick up the balls? That might hinder the throwing capeabilities.

Only to extract the balls safely from the field (airlock) not to throw them.

But if we get confirmation on the legality of it than our PS could practice a lot.

There is no reason why a PS cannot possess/throw multiple balls at once. Shotgun method?

i read somewhere that the PS in the middle of the field cannot stand and must be seated… what about someone who is in a wheelchair?

i know people who go to local schools who do special Olympics basketbal

The payload specialist at the outpost is buckled into the seat to prevent them from moving. It should be noted, however, that they will still have it easier than the payload specialists behind the players’ station because their wall will be lower.

I don’t know this is a very awkward question. Because that would give them a clear advantage just for the height. But yeah I think they might make an exception.

Even though the out post players will have a lower wall I wouldn’t say they have it easier, it is MUCH easier to shoot standing up then sitting down. Try shooting some baskets sitting down, then try standing up, you will defnitley notice a huge accuracy difference.

I’ve been asked this as well, and I don’t think it would be fair if there was a rule against it. FIRST is for all who want to put in the effort and human player is part of that.

Danny, btw…you’d be a horrible PS…I hope you’re not it lol. :smiley:

Maybe im wrong here, But I didn’t see anything in there about a Human Player (ha) Having something on them that can store the balls, such as a basket? If im wrong let me know, this is something that i would find many people doing.

I can see this being done by shooting simultaneously at two different trailers, one with the left arm and one with the right. But, anyone who can actually pull this out should be trying out for the NBA instead.

i can picture it now, a homemade vest covered with hooks, for rapid deployment, that or a kick awesome belt

<T22> prohibits items other than the Operator Console, reasonable decorations, and anything for a disability. It ESPECIALLY prohibits items that would give the team a competitive advantage, which would include a device to store the balls for easier access.

Each fueling station will have a container for the purpose anyway, according to Section 6. I would be surprised if there wasn’t another at the Outposts, though it isn’t mentioned.

FIRST Q&A would be the appropriate place to ask this question.

From what i’ve read, and heard from my team mates reading the manual allowed, I haven’t seen or heard anything that stops you from doing that.

I agree with the person who said they have two hands right?

I don’t see anything stopping them

psssh you are on shelbys team. cant take you serious. JK. :slight_smile:

Stogi, for that comment right there you will pay. I am going to train everyday and make a montage and send it to you before the competitions. And you will tremble in fear at the awesomness of Danny. And at the competitions I am only gonna aim for your trailer.