PBASIC 2.5 Software supposed to be released TODAY.

I just got off the phone with a friendly Innovation FIRST employee.

Team leaders, please watch your email for a message from InnovationFIRST regarding the PBASIC 2.5 programming software. The person I talked with on the phone asked the “powers that be” about the release, and they said that it will be released very soon (most likely, sometime today).


If by “very soon” you mean now, then yes. InnovationFIRST just posted it! However, until they email the team leaders the password it isn’t going to do us any good.


CRAP! oh wait my team leader is my teacher! yay!

dances again


Have the passwords been sent out yet??

yes. The main contact for my team just forwarded the email to me.

PLEASE: DO NOT POST THE PASSWORD HERE ON CHIEFDELPHI. Parallax is being very gracious to release this at all. Let’s not test their patience.

sux to be me. I’ll just have to get it from meh friend then :wink:

I’ve not got my password yet :(. Hopefully I can talk to one of them before this week ends, and they’ll send me my password.


… stupid yahoo… it refuses to deliver unto me any information other than “2 new messages”… one of those messages contains the password… so close to the power… and yet so far…