pbasic code

i found a old ifi robot controller but i think it runs on p-basic. its the one that uses a 9 volt battery for power. i was wondering if any of you guys had the default code and the correct compiler. i dont know much p-basic im only an expert at c.

Oh, wow. That’s pretty old. Pre-2004. I have no idea where to find default code and compilers. We can’t use our 2003 robot because the program was erased and now no one knows how to program it.

Try this link out. Scroll to the bottom of the page:

it was either the 2003 or a B-O-E bot which is p-basic and even worse. our team just raided the workshop and grabbed what we could find. everyone else got a boe bot hehe:D

i cant find the drive part of the code. http://www.ifirobotics.com/docs/legacy/Full-Size_RC_DEF_2003.bsx
i could not find it i just want 2 pwm y axis drive

The IFI legacy site has the compiler for Pbasic and the default code for the controllers. It also has the default code reference guide which is handy.

My freshman year was the last year FIRST used the BASIC stamp controllers. I think learning to program with Pbasic first made C a lot easier the next year.
I had never programmed before and was the only programmer on my team all years of high school. The best part about the Pbasic controllers is that Rob Bayer wrote an amazing emulator, Roboemu, for them so you don’t need to have a robot to learn to program the controllers. This made learning to program so much easier.

A few weeks ago, I went back and wrote some new code for our 03 and 01 robots both of which still have the BASIC stamp controllers.

Loved this feature. Last year, I made a wheelchair out of the ‘03? maybe 02 chassis and a folding chair. I used an old 03’ controller and had to write it in P-BASIC. I knew Q-BASIC, which made it very easy to pick up. The old basic controllers are perfect for learning programming logic on, especially if you are completely new to the programming arena.

The stuff of the IFI legacy page is pretty helpful, I saw a link for that previous to this post. If anyone needs specific help with P-BASIC, PM me and I’d be happy to give a hand.


All the PWM to joystick/variable mapping is handled in the SEROUT command at the end. For example, in the default code, PWM1 is set to p1_y and PWM16 is set to p4_wheel.

I have this code loaded onto my PBASIC system and it works fine. So you shouldn’t have any troubles with it.

I don’t use my system anymore though, I am switching over to a custom self made embedded system. As soon as a finish it that is.:stuck_out_tongue:


Defiently post that when you finish…