PBS: Big Dreams in Umatilla

Kids who grow up in the poorest communities throughout America are surrounded by limits. Money is tight. Work is scarce. Education is poor. And college? That’s just a dream. At first glance Umatilla, Oregon, fits this stereotypical profile — a dead-end town with no opportunities. Look a little closer, and you’ll find a school superintendent who refuses to see limits, a community that invests in its schools, and kids who excel when given the opportunity. This is a story about a robotics team and how it united a town and taught its kids they could and should reach for the stars.

This is a really good documentary following FRC Team 4125, Confidential’s 2016 season that released just last week, and can be watched for free on Oregon Public Broadcasting:


Worth watching.
Worth the bump in my opinion.

I really enjoyed the show, it reminded me of why I enjoy mentoring in a rural area (of PNW). Reaching out to students and exposing them to STEM, manufacturing and the trades when they wouldn’t otherwise see these things is the reward, especially when they get excited about it and pursue it following high school.

Nice watch, worth the time.

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Fantastic documentary! It captured so much of the experience that so many of us have come to know and love. Inspirational leaders, team members and community working together can accomplish more than they will ever realize. Sure hope our country is able to do the same :wink: What a great reminder also that FIRST is truly “more than robots”…


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