PBS Special

While i was at the VCU Regional a couple of weeks ago they said that PBS was doing a special on FIRST. I was wondering if anyone knows when it is supposed to air.

short excerpt from a news release I found with google:

“n January, KETC/Channel 9, the St. Louis public television station, began production of FIRST Robotics Competition: 2008 (working title), a two-hour documentary scheduled for broadcast nationally on PBS in late 2008 or early 2009. KETC received full funding for the project from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)”

so look for it in about 6-12 months…


Thanks for the help

I just found out that the episode is going to air March 27 on Virginia Currents. They followed the LC Byrd engineering team around to create a mini-documentary. You can also check out a great 1/2-hour documentary that VCUTV-HD created last year about Team 617 from the Highland Springs engineering center. You can access that from their Web site:http://www.vcutvhd.vcu.edu/shows/engineering/robotics.html