PC Dashboards for Teachers


I have written a PC based application for the classroom/educators, and was looking for feedback. The software allows teachers to quickly build custom dashboards to operate and feature different technologies on robots/devices covered in their curriculum. It also allows user to remotely operate robots/devices over serial, bluetooth and 802.11/ Internet.

It works with any robotic device, but I have put together sample workspaces for the Lego NXT and Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers. ( Including code for uC )

I realize it may not meet the FIRST rules, but I still posted a free copy for download at : http://roboDNA.com

If you are a teacher, you can email me at [email protected] with questions.


Down loaded it. Looks great. We will try it out. Thanks. Did you develop this yourself? I assume it also works with the FRC system. I am not the computer guy, but I downloaded it for him. I am sure he will contact you with questions. Thanks!

Looks nice. The gauges and all look pretty cool. Only thing I see wrong is just change the default icon on the program to something else so it looks more professional. Good work.

Thanks for the positive feedback. I did/am developing the roboDNA app myself. I will change the icon to something nicer.

I don’t think it will work out-of-the-box with the FRC system. I contacted the company which manufactures them a while back an didn’t hear back. It would be easy to implement though, but perhaps it would violate the rules of competition somehow… Anyways I have had a few manufacturers interested in having dashboards for their devices, and I currently have samples for the NXT and PIC based robots. ( 8bit pics, with 16bit PIC coming in 2 weeks ) Feel free to contact me anytime for more info. if you want FRC compatible.

The roboDNA application involves sending Lego NXT Direct Commands, which few users are really familiar with, so I’ve been doing up dashboards for different robots.

If there is an FLL team leader looking for free dashboards for their bots, I can provide one as a sponsor! The dashboards are XML files so I would just design it here and email it over for testing:) The app is still in BETA testing but seems to work great so far. You can drive things over IP too.