PC with 1.1 DS update can't see Cypress IO.

I just installed the lastest updates on my desktop PC, and tried to use the Cypress IO of the first time on this machine.

The IO module had already been programmed on another laptop, and it works fine on the classmate display station.

When I plug the module into my desktop, the “New Harware” wizard pops up, but can’t find drivers for the module. (I even let it search the web)

I tried un-installing both cypress components from the 1.1 DS update, and re-installing them, but it still won’t install drivers.

Any clues?

One of the issues with the Cypress installer early in the season was that it doesn’t force a reboot, and yet the service that communicates with the device isn’t active until the machine is restarted.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to restart the computer and try again. Also note that the device has no serial number, so plugging it into the “other” plug will as for drivers to be loaded again.

Greg McKaskle