PCB Fab company recomendations

I need a PCB fabbed ASAP for a college project. I was wondering if anybody around here has had any good experiences with a particular company. The board will be 2 layers. I need in in < 1 week.

I’ve had great luck working with Diversified Systems - they did the boards for FIRST this year, and I use them a lot for my day job. They are of the “we’ll do it right, period” variety.

If you want it cheaply done and don’t care that it doesn’t work, 4pcb.com works. Of the 30ish board designs I’ve sent through them, only 2 or 3 boards had manufacturing defects. Their online DRC checker works reasonably well, but it is still a small gamble.

Sunstone Circuits

Quick turnaround…and they usually offer steep educational discounts.

I got hosed by them once, but they were willing to work through it with me.

We would be willing to take a look and see where we can help out. Keep it in the FIRST community you know. :slight_smile:

Ben Wrightsman
diversified systems inc
317-299-9547 x350

I was talking to an electrical engineer recently who said he really liked express pcb: http://www.expresspcb.com/

$51 dollars for 3 boards.

Alternatively, you could make it yourself :slight_smile:

Team 116 has used both Advanced Circuits (4pcb.com) and Imagineering (pcbnet.com) in the past for fast turn-arounds. I also like the free design file checker (freedfm.com) from Advanced Circuits, but the people at Imagineering (Eric and Sonny) were great to work with.

Imagineering’s phone number is (847) 806-0003

-Mike Youmans (Controls Hardware mentor, Team 116)

I’ve used AP Circuitsa few times, if you want fast turnaround and don’t need silkscreen or solder mask, it’s pretty inexpensive for a 2 layer board.


2nd-ed. Have used them many times at work.