PCH District: 2022 Carrollton Predictions

Columbus Review

Rapid React has turned out to be a well-balanced game, with Autonomous, Tele-op, and Endgame all being equally strong keys to success. The alliance captains and first picks we have seen so far have been a variety of top climbers and shooters.

The Columbus event turned out very much like we predicted, but possibly even better. 4188 dominated from start to finish, putting up the most impressive event record the PCH District has seen to date at 21-0-0 (the only other team to go undefeated at a PCH event was 1414, who went 18-0-0 at Columbus in 2019). Columbus Space Program showed off their shooting prowess in both Auton and Tele-op, earning the Cargo Bonus RP 7 times. However, their climb left a lot to be desired, only securing 3 Hangar Bonus RP. 1414, on the other hand, got 7 Hangar Bonus RP, but failed to achieve a Cargo RP. 1261 also had a good showing, and would ultimately pick 1414 to join their alliance. But when 4188 teamed up with 6919, whose robot was sporting a double-wide shooter plus a solid multi-level climber, their combined scoring power was too strong to be stopped in eliminations.

1648 went home with the Columbus Chairman’s Award. This marks the 7th year in a row that G3 Robotics has secured at least a District Chairman’s Award. Does their outreach program have what it takes to win the State-level Chairman’s Award again in 2022?

Taking a look at the DCMP Picture…

With the completion of the Columbus qualifier, we’re officially halfway through the PCH District Regular Season. Most PCH teams have competed by now, and we’ve gotten a good feel for how teams are performing so far. The top tier seems to be a wide margin above the rest of the field so far, with 1771 and 4188 leading the charge. There are a fair number of traversal climbers already, and we expect to see even more ready by Carrollton/Albany.

The State Championship is now less than 3 weeks away, so it’s time to rank the potential contenders. Combining data, on-the-field results, and expert opinions, we’ve come up with our mid-season top 20.

  1. 1771
  2. 4188
  3. 8736
  4. 6919
  5. 6705
  6. 1414
  7. 6340
  8. 1261
  9. 2974
  10. 1746
  11. 6829
  12. 3635
  13. 832
  14. 4701
  15. 5632
  16. 4509
  17. 4026
  18. 1683
  19. 8083
  20. 8080

Carrollton will bring together a few of the strongest robots in Georgia, including 4 of our top 5 ranked teams. By the end of the weekend, some teams will be mathematically locked into a DCMP spot, while others may be locked out. Expect to see improvements made to a lot of robots since Dalton and Columbus. And expect to see these teams battling for the blue banners:

Leading the Pack

(#1) 1771 is back this week, and if they’ve made any improvements to their already-dominant machine, it will be a sight to see. North Gwinnett Robotics has been climbing the PCH ladder for the past several years, and this year they might have finally made it to the very top rung. Watch their robot make its way to the top rung as well, but not until after they dump 15-20 cargo into the Upper Hub.

(#2) 4188 may have hit the ground running, swerving around any opposition at Columbus, but their climbing was not enough to put them in the #1 PCH ranking. 4188 stood out as the favorite in Columbus while still having a few things to iron out. Focusing their efforts on auton output, drive practice, and solidifying their climbing game will make for a robot you never want to see on the other side of the field.

(#3) 8736 has so far earned a spot among the top cargo shooters in the state. However, will the Mechanisms be able to add a mechanism? 8736 was the number 1 overall pick at Dalton even without a climber, but adding one will help add to their ranking game and make them that much more dangerous as a competitor.

(#5) 6705 in comparison to the Mechanisms has the climbing game figured out but needs to make a push to improve their cargo shooting. WildCat 5e has a consistent windmill climb that will carry them up in the rankings but they may struggle to keep up with the strong shooters at the event unless they make some tweaks.

(#7) 6340 is known for rising to the top rung, and that helped them to the top of rankings at Dalton. Their climbing effort will likely do well for them in the ranking game but the Manatees will need to get creative and find strategies to stay in the game with their low goal shooting robot.

(#9) 2974 took a big bite in choosing to pursue a swerve drive robot with dual intakes and a traversal climb that has yet to rise to the highest rung. 2974 will be a wildcard as they continue to smooth out their 2022 effort. The ceiling is high for this robot - if they can figure it out in time.

Chairman’s Contenders: 2974, 4188, 7451


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