PCH District: 2023 Hartsville/Carrollton Predictions

Now that we’re about halfway through the season and just about all of the PCH teams have competed at least once, it’s time to release the Midseason PCH Power Rankings!

  1. 2974
  2. 1102
  3. 6919
  4. 1683
  5. 4509
  6. 4188
  7. 4451
  8. 1771
  9. 6340
  10. 6829
  11. 1287
  12. 1261
  13. 343
  14. 1414
  15. 3490
  16. 3489
  17. 2815
  18. 4189
  19. 9260
  20. 281

Gwinnett Review:

The Gwinnett event had a lot of hype leading into it as a lot of big names were on the team list. Many of those teams were playing Charged Up for the first time this season while a few were already competing for the second time.

1683 , 4509, and 4188 had already established themselves as some of the top bots in PCH and they proved it at Gwinnett by all making it to the finals. 4509 snagged the #1 seed and picked 1683 with the first selection and 8577 with their second. This left the much-improved 4188 available for the #2 seeded 1771 team along with the Wirecats, 2415, for their third bot. One other alliance for the #4 seeded alliance of 1414, 6829, and 9086 had a shot at going the distance but they ran into issues with their 3rd robot not functioning and the #2 alliance outpacing them on the grid in the lower bracket finals.

The finals at Gwinnett were a high-scoring couple of very close matches, determined by only 4 points then 6 points. The #1 and #2 seed alliances had previously met in upper bracket finals, with the #1 seed winning handily. The #2 seed was able to coordinate a comeback effort in the finals with improved robot functionality and more coordinated match strategy in order to take down the powerful #1 seed. We’ll be sure to see many of these robots again going head to head in Macon in a couple of weeks as well as DCMP the week after. Many of the top bots are at a point where tuning and practicing will keep them at the top of the rankings while others will have to go back to the drawing board to figure out how they might ascend the district points board and give themselves a shot at district championship or a qualification spot to Houston.

Congratulations are also in order to 7538, Metal Mountain, for the Impact Award win and 1746, OTTO, for their Engineering Inspiration Award win.

Hartsville Preview:
It’s time for round 2 for South Carolina’s Peachtree District teams. 2 weeks ago in Anderson we saw a slow start to Charged Up play and now we will be looking for teams to shift into a higher gear as we approach the district championship.

The Contenders

4451 - Robotz Garage showed they were prepared in Anderson, but were limited to only hybrid and mid level node scoring. Rumour has it that they’ve tuned up the Maverick to fly higher aiming for all levels of the grid. Last season they were one of the teams to have a 5 ball autonomous routine. We can’t wait to see what improvements they have in store for us this weekend.

1102 - M’Aiken Magic at the end of the Anderson playoffs was improving rapidly and looked to match and in some cases exceed 4451 in terms of scoring speed. The team has spent some time remanufacturing their intake to be more precise and added some additional sensors and vision to improve consistency. Largely they will continue to play the same game as Anderson and will aim to score faster than before.

281 - The Greenvillans have a very similar style of play to 1102 in that they retrieve a majority of their game pieces from the double-substation. They were consistent in driver control throughout the later stages of the Anderson event and will largely need to improve their autonomous routines and overall scoring cycle speed to contend for the top spots.

Something to prove

343 - Metal In Motion was one of a very small crowd of floor loading/chute robots in Anderson. They are the 3rd highest rated scorer coming into the event from Anderson. They did not choose to balance the charge station during auto in a large number of their matches, but have shown the capability. They could be one of the teams to come into this weekend’s event with a multi-piece autonomous routine.

1287 - Aluminum Assault was one of the best driver control period scorers in Anderson. One of the only knocks is that they have a particularly wide and tall robot that makes it tricky to do a triple balance. If they found a way to make their endgame options easier or to score more points during the autonomous period they could shoot up in the rankings.

3490 - Viper Drive was one of the more consistent driver control period scorers in Anderson and looked to be improving in the playoff matches. While their robot has a potent swerve drive their arm needs to be sped up significantly as it took multiple seconds to raise their arm to substation/max grid height. They need to score more points in the autonomous period via a multi-piece auto or a consistent charge station engage to really solidify themselves as a top tier bot.

4533 - Phoenix had one of the best looking robots that could see a jump in performance this weekend. They are a member of a very small club of PCH teams utilizing swerve drive. If they can improve their driver control consistency and add an autonomous docking routine they will be a team to watch coming into Hartsville.

4935 - TREX, a NC district team, took a wrong turn this weekend and ended up in South Carolina for some out-of-district play. They ranked 4th at their first NC district event and have shown to have a robot with capability scoring at all levels of the grid. If they have gotten better at driving within the capabilities of their robot architecture they could find themselves in an alliance captain position once again this weekend.

6366 - Ram Rodz robot is built like a tank and unfortunately some of that armor is placed a little too high up inside their robot. The team spent some time relocating some components to get their COG closer to the ground. If they manage to do so quickly and get some extra driver practice in, they will find themselves in a much better position this weekend.

Impact Award Favorites:
342, 2815, 4451

Carrollton Preview:

The Contenders

2974 - Walton started the season with some pace as they got the win at Dalton. Their tilting elevator design functioned smoothly and their drivers were obviously well-practiced. Their autonomous has some room for improvement but with a couple weeks off we have to imagine this has been addressed. Walton is the clear favorite for this event. Will the rest of the field catch up, or can Walton remain undefeated? Their closest competition in eliminations at Dalton was still 29 points off of pace. There is plenty of ground to make up.

6340 - The Manatees are moving up to contenders as they were the only other robot at Dalton with an average RP score over 2.0. Their 10-2 quals record averaging 71.9pts per match will do them this weekend. They had 2 losses, one against 2974 who would beat most teams in the district. The second loss was due to tipping over going over the platform at 35s into teleop. Lot of people were watching the field at Gwinnett last week, but the Manatees are coming in strong to Carrollton and watch out for them at DCMP, do not make the mistake of underestimating this team. They clearly separated themselves from the field at Dalton.

Something to prove

4189 - The Chargers started off the season with a solid performance, taking the #2 overall seed in Anderson. They seemed to struggle to make much happen in the playoffs, however. Now is their chance to show if it was luck or skill that got them into the top 2.

6341 - Firestorm Robotics dialed in their Charge Station work half way through Dalton, getting 5 charge station RP’s in their last 6 matches. They need to improve their 38pt average score to make a run at being first pick. We’ll see if the Firestorm’s time at Walton will translate into more scoring power.

Impact Award Favorites:


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