PCM blown up?

Tonight we had our local LRI come by and do an inspection of our robot. Long story short, we didn’t notice we had an electrical short circuit for our extension wires to our off-board compressor and it caused the status light on the PCM to be solid red and didn’t run the compressor (obviously).

I read the PCM manual for the status LED and there isn’t anything regarding it being solid red.

What are the odds that the PCM is cooked and the first thing we will be doing is replacing that when we get to our event next week?

I’m not a PCM expert, but as the “long red strobe” on the status light indicates that the compressor is drawing too much current, it isn’t too much of a stretch to think that maybe a solid red status light indicates a compressor short.

The way CTRE engineers this stuff, the fact that you get any lights at all is a good sign. Unless Omar or someone else from CTRE tells you it’s fried, I’d recommend fixing the short and trying again before replacing the PCM. That said, if you don’t already have a backup PCM, yes, get one. If you do already have one, make sure it’s in the COTS spares you take to competition.

I would for sure bring a spare. The fact that you have any lights at all is a beacon of hope. Surely if the PCM was fried you wouldn’t be getting any lights. I think if you fix the short and fire it up again it’ll work. However, I have been wrong before. Attempting to fix is worth a shot but I would be prepare to replace the PCM if you have to.

The PCM is able to detect current-shorts and fault accordingly. So I suspect you are seeing the “long strobe” red blink in table 3.3.4 (PCM User’s Guide).

So correct the wiring and test the PCM (compressor and solenoids).

Use self-test in the web-based config to look for any remaining faults.
If the compressor does not turn on, following the troubleshooting steps in section 4.

Or alternatively, replace the PCM and perform your validation tests later to determine if it is functional for future use.

Awesome, thank you all for the suggestions. We have a spare PCM that we will definitely bring to the event and we will fix the short. Fingers crossed the unit will work after the electrical repair, if not, well we know what our first job of the day is.

We had our event this last week and turns out the PCM was totally fine! We fixed the short to the compressor and everything worked out. Thank you for all the help.