PDF to word converter

Can any of you all recommend a good program to convert PDF to word format, even diagrams and equations. Or a program which allows for modifying PDF diagrams. Thanks

Assuming the PDF was generated from a document, (not a scanned in picture) I believe that you can just copy and paste it onto a word document. As for diagrams, they might have been converted into a picture, which means they are non-editable, per se.

If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (instead of just the free “reader”) you can do quite a bit of manipulation of pdf files including text editing, re-arranging, highlighting, and more.

With the Adobe Acrobat viewer, you can, but you have to click on the text select tool button first. It is on the main toolbar, just hover over the buttons and you will find it.

That is when you use the print screen function of windows, paste it into paint, crop it, save it as a jpeg, and then insert that jpeg into your word doc.

Sort of a round about way of doing it, but it works.

or, with the print screen method, you could feed it into an OCR (after some cropping) and it will convert it into text. (in the same orientation)