PDH Hardware Fault

Has anyone encountered the PDH Hardware fault or know how to address it? The guide says
“The hardware fault is generally an internal electrical fault. This could also trigger a sticky fault if a large amount of electrical noise caused a brief communication breakdown internally. This will not affect the function of the device but there could be a small amount of data lost during the interruption.”
It will still run motors but i can’t figure out how to un-fault it. Also seeing (probably related) the low-power channels are showing as no voltage/no breaker even with breakers in.

According to the PDH docs:

Sticky faults are cleared when the mode button on the Power Distribution Hub is pressed or can be cleared using the REV Hardware Client. It is also possible to clear sticky faults using WPILib.

If the fault persists after clearing the sticky faults through the Hardware Client, please reach out to us at support@revrobotics.com so that we can help determine what is happening.

The hardware fault is a general fault that can mean a lot of different things, so we are planning a firmware update that will include fault codes that give more details. I don’t have a release date for this feature yet, but our goal is very soon.

A hardware fault on the PDH will not affect the power distribution capabilities of the main high-current channels or the three non-switchable low-current channels.