PDH Port Voltages

I was wondering if I can power an led strip straight off of the new REV PDH, but I can’t find any documentation about the voltages of the ports. Does anyone know if there are any 5V ports? I’d rather not fry my leds.

They are all 12v outputs

The branches of the PDH (and PDP) output the same voltage as the input from the battery. That’s 12V nominal, but can get as high as 13V and as low as 6V (before other parts of the robot turn off). I’d definitely recommend getting a cheap buck-boost converter and using that to regulate the voltage to a steady 5V for your LEDs. Just make sure whatever converter you’re getting is rated for the current you’ll be drawing.

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The VRM is perfect for this.

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As suggested, get a buck boost converter. In a pinch, which I’m not really sure applies to LEDs, you can use the 5v side of the VRM as long as you are careful about how many LED’s you are powering and calculate the load on the VRM.

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