PDP All Flashing Lights, robot not responding

6453 Needs Help.

we our having lights flash fast and multi color. Then when we we tried to control the robot it wouldn’t move at all. The stat and comm flash fast from dark red to orange. along with that our talon and victors motor controllers flash deep red and orange rapidly.

If any one can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

If all your CAN devices are flashing red/orange (specifically those made by Cross The Road Electronics) this typically means CAN fault. Something in your CAN bus is not happy.

Is your PDP flashing a steady amber? Or steadily flashing red?

EDIT: additional questions - in your driver station output are you seeing any code errors / is your code crashing? If the comm light on your roborio is flashing red this would mean no code is loaded / code crash

Up until today, my victors and pdp flashed the way you described, mainly yellowish orange and a few bursts of red. But they only flash orange now… after i did the stuff in phoenix tuner.

Have you guys done anything with hooking up the roborio to a laptop (you do this with a printer cable) and running the phoenix tuner program?

Broken wire in the CAN bus! We fixed it!