PDP CAN/LED question

Our PDP isn’t showing up in the roborio web page. Both LEDs are solid ORANGE. When I disconnect CAN wires, the LEDs stay solid ORANGE. Was assuming they would go to blinking RED for no CAN connectivity.

PDP is configured with termination and it is the last node in the CAN string. All the other CAN devices work fine.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

I assume you installed the Phoenix roboRIO Web Config?
You could try reinstalling it.

Sounds like the PDP is talking to itself…

Is your DS log still logging voltage usage reports when the PDP is connected via CAN?

Yes, webconfig is installed…all our CAN Talon SRXs, PCM, etc. show up fine in web page.

It could be the PDP CAN communication circuit is contaminated by metal debris, or it could have been damaged.

You’d have to remove the PDP cover to inspect the circuit and clean out any metal swarf.