PDP Fuses

Hey guys been searching around for 40A Blade fuses for the PDP, I know Andymark has them but does anyone know of any local sources? I’ve looked around on Autozone’s website and haven’t found anything.

Check with other local teams? We for example have probably at least a dozen not in use, and we’ve got 4 total robots.

They’re just mini blade fuses, should be able to find them in a ton of car/hardware related places. Harbor Freight or an auto parts store seem like good places to look (it looks like on AutoZone they’re labeled as Bussmann fuses).

Key thing: if you’re talking about 40A circuits, in the WAGO connectors that make up the upper part of the PDP, they’re circuit breakers. The only fuses on the PDP are the ones at the bottom for the low-amp branches.

As for sources: Cross The Road sells them if you’ve got someone willing to day-trip to the Detroit area. CTR Electronics

And they’re available through Studica in Canada: http://www.studica.com/ca/en/andymark/40-amp-snap-action-breaker.html

If you’re in a rush to get your prototype working, you can get 40A MAXI fuses at an auto parts shop, e.g. Autozone.

Please be sure that anything you buy is exactly what is listed in the robot rules. Those are the only two types that will pass inspection.