PDP is blinking yellow when the robot is enabled

Hey so I have been trying to get our robot driving for the past few weeks but I have been hitting road block after road block. Right now for some reason when I enable the robot, the talon SRX’s are a solid yellow like normal but the PDP is still blinking yellow like it’s disabled. I thought it was a code issue for the reason of why it was not responding to joystick input but now I think the code is fine and it’s just hardware/firmware that’s causing the issue. How do I fix this?

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The PDP blinking yellow is different from a motor controller blinking yellow. On the PDP it means that CAN communication is good but there is a sticky fault. (See section 3 of the PDP User Guide) It won’t make any difference in the robot’s performance, but if you prefer green blinking to yellow you can clear it by “blinking” the PDP via the Phoenix Tuner.

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