PDP LEDs not lighting

Hello, we are getting started with the new control system. Things seem to be working OK with the power subsystem, yet the STAT and COMM LEDs are not doing anything at all. The manual says that means “Device is NOT powered”. We have the termination jumper set to ON and at the end of the PDP is at the end of the CAN bus.

When we power on the main breaker the bridge and roborio power up, code can be deployed, and motor controllers power (in idle). So i think the PDP is functioning right. It just seems light a status issue.

Is there a firmware update that we need to do to the PDP, or do you think our PDP is just bad out of the box? I’ve only seen mention of PDP firmware updates in Beta tester documentation.


+1. Ours was working on kickoff day. We tried it again today, and now it’s behaving the same as yours.

According to the manual it’s “not receiving power” which is untrue. I think it’s broken. Just sent an email to CTE tech support, and watching this thread.

Ours is doing the same thing, and is still working properly.

The status lights have no impact on the use of the PDP for simple power distribution.

The lack of lights indicate that the Monitoring/CAN circuitry are not receiving power.
That’s only a problem with the current monitoring or CAN communications necessary to retrieve the monitoring and fault status of the PDP.

It’s a (presumed) problem if you want to compete because R61 says the PDP CAN interface has to be connected. I doubt a non-functional CAN interface would meet the intent of the rule.

Thanks, please let us know what they say, I’ll contact them too to document the failure. This was the case from the very first power up for our unit.

I just checked and the PDPs are out of stock, and we only have one. Ours is bad out of the box I believe. Hopefully the fix will just be firmware.

Pertaining to the inspection requirement for functioning CAN on the PDP, if you can’t buy them and they are bad out of the box, what can you do…? I’m assuming they’ll replace faulty units and get back in stock during the build season, but if not that would be a show stopper.

Is it possible that your CAN network is not wired correctly? I am taking a shot in the dark, but if it isn’t maybe the LEDs don’t power. Also, maybe you have a really low battery?

While this isn’t immensely helpful right now, in past years, the Spare Parts booth at the regionals tended to have, well, spare parts. I think they usually had one or two control system replacements. (In the past that would be IO Boards, maybe a PDB, etc…)

Like I said, that doesn’t help this early in the build season, but at least if it happens at competition, and your team doesn’t have any spares, and you can’t fix the issue, you have that as a backup (maybe).

I wouldn’t make any assumptions about availability of spares or turnaround times without contacting Cross the Road Electronics http://crosstheroadelectronics.com/contact.html

Update – we retested. The PDP seems to work (LEDs turn on, CAN works) below about 11.5v, and seems to fail (LEDs turn off, no CAN) above about 12.0v.

We’re hooking it up to a variable DC power supply to further characterize. No response from Cross the Road Electronics yet.

I don’t think the cause is related to specific voltage. I just grabbed a PDP off the shelf and it seems to maintain LED functionality as I sweep the voltage 0 to 15 and back.

If anything, perhaps the smart module has intermittent contact with the rest of the PDP. If you press down on the Weidmuller CAN connectors, or press down on the LED light pipes, does the smart module suddenly come back (LEDs become illuminated again)?

If anyone else is seeing this symptom feel free to contact us at support@crosstheroadelectronics.com.

Joey, I just replied to your email. Looks like I’m not far off from where you guys are located.

We’re having the same issues right now. I emailed Cross the Road (haven’t heard back yet) and I opened it up.

Looking at the picture (attached), I see some burnt component. Maybe that’s the issue?

Anyway, the PDP still provides power, but the CAN bus looks shot.

Update, CTRE sent us a replacement and we will ship the faulty unit Monday. New unit LEDs looked good. Hopefully we get an update on the failure and if there is anything we (FRC community) need to look out for or avoid.