PDP Lights are flashing Orange

So we had our PDP plugged into the RoboRio at first and the Stat and Comm lights were flashing green.

But recently we hooked up a PCM along with a compressor and 2 double solenoids.

Everything was fine and was working, but all of a sudden the PDP started flashing orange and the compressor wont turn on even when the robot is enabled. When I go onto the web client of the RoboRIO it shows the PCM and when I self test it, it says the following:

PCM IS NOT ENABLED! If robot is enabled maybe the ID is wrong?
Close-Looping is ON, but PCM is DISABLED.
Comp Is Off
Pressure is not full

I have tried rapidly clicking self test but thats not working.

Thanks in advance!

Did you check the blade fuses?

More info on the PDP


Specifically the 20a VRC, PCM fuse.

In addition the manual linked above has your failure state as : Robot is disable / Sticky Fault Present.
Was any code changed recently?

Check here on the various LED errors, scroll down to PDP.


Also, did you do any firmware updates? Were all electronics updated?

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The blade fuses were checked and fine

We did make a change earlier but we reverted them. Also I had tried to put a blank robot code on and we’re still getting the same error.

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I did check those manuals I linked for you.

I would take the system to its simplest configuration.
In this case, setup the RoboRio and PDP. Disconnect everything else.
If the error still exists then reimage, update all the firmware, drop in some generic code.
After that, you might have to get FRC involved. Is this a new PDP with old PCM or visa versa? All new or old?
There are many variables and you need to simplify as much as possible to ease in troubleshooting.

If all else fails, the PDP could be failing, as one of the manuals mentions that this error condition can indicate a hardware failure.

Perhaps there is a team close that is willing to try your PDP or lend you one of theirs.

Good luck with this. If you are still stuck keep on posting.


The PDP and PCM do not affect each other like that. In other words the PDP does not prevent the PCM to enable compressor output through software (although the PDP does power PCM, the PCM is clearly running since it self-tested).

Please follow the instructions in section 4.1 in PCM User’s Manual to get the compressor working.

So we took it to its simplest form and I had updated the PDP firmware earlier and re-imaged the RoboRio. Nothing worked. Its still flashing orange. Were not sure what it is. It flashed red at first but after a few seconds of it being on the lights turn orange.

Also, the PCM seems to be fine. It’s a solid green when the robot is activated, yet the compressor still isnt running.

I would start from the beginning like mentioned. Setup just the PDP and RoboRio. Nothing else. Redo all firmware and robot code in case of corruption.

If you cannot get these two devices to work together properly then there is probably a hardware issue with the PDP.

Adding the PCM is pointless if you cannot get just the PDP and RoboRio working together correctly.

We went home, but we’ll try this tomorrow. Thanks!

Guys, if your PDP is flashing orange that means sticky fault/ robot disabled. The most common cause is a low battery.
Go to the Rio config page, click on the PDP, double click self test rapidly. You should now have green flashing lights. Note that the red lights at startup are due to no can communication while the Rio boots.
Because of the momentum and direction of this thread I highly recommend anyone who posted here go read the PDP users guide tonight. Even just viewing the pictures would haved pointed you in this direction. You may find you are missing other critical tips.

We had tried double clicking the self test as said in the first post. Thanks though!

You have double checked the CAN id right? If the CAN id does not match the id you initialize with in your code, you will see this exact same behavior.

I believe so. I mean I don’t even recall ever initializing a CAN. All I did was set the solenoids to go to the default PCM(0). Also, when it did flash green, I don’t recall ever enabling a CAN manually.

emphasis mine

Please verify you did so for the PDP though, your first post reads as you did so on the PCM, not the PDP.

I’m not 100% sure, but I’ll try in an hour or two and let you know.

So we did the self test on the pdp and it’s still orange.

Did you do all the previous suggestions?

Is it setup with only the RoboRio and PDP?
Are the Can cables installed properly?
Is the termination jumper set correctly?
What firmware revision is installed on the PDP? RoboRio?
Browser you are using to access the RoboRio webdashboard?

You might want to read through the links I posted earlier. This one specifically http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/4485/m/24166/l/216217-updating-and-configuring-pneumatics-control-module-and-power-distribution-panel

You will want to look at what sticky fault is being logged to help narrow down what the issue is.

Post some screen shots of the self test results.

Hope this gets going for your soon.

We fixed it! Thanks everybody!

So, what was the fix? Others may run into a similar problem, and a detailed posting of the root cause and what you did to fix it could help them a lot. Simply posting that it’s suddenly magically fixed doesn’t really help everyone else.

Well so at first the double-clicking self test on the PDP didnt work, so I re-imaged the roborio and pressed the self test rapidly for about 10 seconds and it was green.


Especially after many went through multiple efforts to help.

It’s what many of us are on here to do, so please post what the resolution was.

We love to learn too. :smiley:

Glad its going,


P.S. We will be at the Orlando Regional and I would like to stop by your pit and see what you have accomplished.