PDP makes clicking sound every 1-2 seconds when a Victor SPX is connected

I am trying to update the firmware (using phoenix tuner) onto all our CAN devices, and test them. I updated on PDP, several TalonSRXs, and 2 Victor SPX controllers successfully. Then I wanted to test the new feature of tuner by trying to apply power to the motor controllers.
All the motor controllers worked perfectly except one VictorSPX controller. When I connected a motor to the specific VictorSPX controller and applied power using the tuner GUI, not only did the motor not turn, but the PDP started making clicking noise every 1-2 seconds and wires to the controller got hot. The noise went away when I disconnected the SPX. The other SPX we have is working fine even when connected to the same 40A PDP channel (so are all the SRXes). I am guessing there might be a short circuit inside the SPX. Did anyone experience similar issue?

That clicking sound is your breaker tripping. Disconnect that motor controller ASAP and check all your connections for short circuits.
Considering the controller shows up in Tuner and responds to commands, its not likely a bad motor controller.
Have you tried another motor? I also suggest taking a multimeter to the controller output leads and measuring the output when you apply power.


I did not try with a different motor, but I tried the same motor (an old Neverest40) with other SRX and SPX controllers and they seemed to have worked well. I do not have access to the FRC motors (CIMs/775pros/Redline/etc) right now so I will test with them tomorrow.

I should add that the controller showed up before connecting the motor to it. That’s when I updated the firmware (on both the SPXes at once). Once I attached a motor to it, applied power, and the clicking noise appeared, that controller did not show up on the tuner gui and the noise was there whenever I connected it to the PDP, even without a motor on the other end.

Thank you for your help and the suggestion! I will check with the multimeter tomorrow.

If you were drawing enough to make a 40A breaker click every 1-2 seconds and heat the wires, and you found nothing significant to report about the NeveRest, that current was somehow being shorted before getting to the motor. If you have a MaxiFuse* holder other than the PDP, I recommend trying some tests on it rather than risking burning up your $200+ PDP; you can buy these for $10 or less at most auto parts shops. You should also try a different motor controller on the same PDP port to make sure your problem isn’t internal to the PDP (e.g. some metal shavings shorting the outputs). Also, after you work through this issue, I recommend discarding any breakers which have been tripped repeatedly, as repeated tripping often leads to an overly sensitive breaker.

  • MaxiFuse is the form factor of the 40A snap action breakers.
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