PDP No Communication In a Moving

PDP disconnects while testing my code on Robot.

  • Robot run with 11.3V
  • Victor’s set 0.5
  • Dont using VRM
  • No problems with CAN cables
  • Comm comes back 1 minute after disconnection

PDP, Wifi, Roborio, CAN cables changed, problem persists.

Before the comm error PDP blinking yellow.

Please help me in any way.


My guess is you have an unhandled exception in your code. Check your driver station log and console for an error.

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code has been tested before

How is the radio powered? The radio needs a constant 12v supply and a drivetrain will drop the battery voltage below 12v on startup. The radio should be powered through a VRM or RPM.

Posting the driver station log files will help others help you to isolate the problem.


11.3 V seems a little low for a robot. We normally run 12.5-13, maybe low 12s if we have to

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Whenever I see a lost connection around one minute is it almost always a radio reboot. You said you aren’t using a VRM, your radio should be powered from one since it will provide regulated 12v to the radio.

11.4 volts does also seem low at idle for a robot. You may need to retire that battery.


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