PDP Output Rules

I can’t find it in the rules so help is needed.
According to the rules, certain motors may be connected to the same motor controller ie. 2 BAG motors to the same TALON SRX.
If I have a low load motor such as REV NEO 550(which is somewhat equivalent to BAG), may I connect 2 different SPARK Max’es to the same port in the PDP?

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Legally, yes
technically, no
Brushless motors need to be controlled based on where the exact position of the rotor is, and you can’t do that with two motors unless the motors are geared together so that the KEY OF THE ROTOR is in the exact same angle relative to the body of the motor. Even then, its probably gonna damage your motors over time so i don’t recommend it

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What I meant was 2 Neo 550 each connected to sparkmax (2 spark max in total)
Both spark maxes connected to the same output port of the pdp

Check out R52 - only 1 motor controller per PDP branch circuit.


Another question:
I would like to connect a parellal PCM (without compressor) with VRM to the VRM port and another PCM (with compressor) to the PCM port. Is it allowed?

You are allowed to have two pcms. Up to 3 vrms or PCMs per breaker because of R52. The power for you extra VRMs/PCMs must come from the PDP you can not wire it from another VRM or such.

The thing I am trying to do it to connect a limelight camera without using one of the 16 motor controllers port, while having PCM with compressor

You want to look at R48.

The VRM supplying power to the Wireless Bridge per R47 must be connected to the designated supply terminals at the end of the PDP, and not the main WAGO connectors along the sides of the PDP as shown in Figure 9-12. With the exception of a single CTR Electronics Pneumatics Control Module (PCM, P/N: am-2858), no other electrical load shall be connected to these PDP terminals.

So, one VRM on those terminals, and at most one PCM. Additional VRMs or PCMa have to be connected to a 20 A breaker.

I think that you will have to put it in your PDP. If you look at their quick start guide it says this.

so you will need to connect it to a PDP port that you can put a motor in.

Why would they not let you connect two VRMs to those Weidmuller ports? Wouldn’t it draw less current since the max Two VRMS can supply is like ~10A if every port is occupied compared to PCM nearing 30?

And another question:
Is it possible to connect custom circuit to the pdp port, the custom circuit has two outputs, each output will be connected to a dedicated motor controller (spark max to NEO 550.


Just curious, why the need to power more than one motor from the same port?

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I really suggest you read section 9.7 in the Robot Rules (R32-R56). All of these questions are answered in there.


I am trying to put 16 motors plus compressor plus limelight

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I read it, but trying to find a breach :grin:

don’t think that that is possible


Then the better way to ask questions is to reference the rule you want further explanation on, and explain your thinking as to why it shouldn’t apply to what you want to do. Otherwise, all you’re going to get (as you’ve gotten here) are people like me pointing you to the rule you’ve already read.

You can legally power 16 motor controllers and the limelight by powering the limelight from a COTS USB 5v battery pack <100Wh in capacity. If you’re not using the Limelight 2+, you will need a boost converter to get from 5V to 12V. That being said, I would recommend you simplify your design.

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even though LL tells us not to connect to VRM (this is overkill and “risky” to connect in parallel to your radio). Isn’t it legally “okay” to do so?