PDP reporting 70 Amps on one channel

We have a CIM motor driven by a Spark that we are putting under a pretty high load for our elevator. When programming a software limit on the current draw to protect our circuits, I saw that the PDP reports 70 Amps being drawn from that channel, both on Shuffleboard and in the Phoenix tuner. Is this a bug in the firmware? Is there something wrong with our breaker? Our PDP?

Not 100% sure of this but from what I’ve seen, you can draw more than 40A as long as you only do it for a few seconds. I think this has to do with the fact that they are thermal breakers and take a second to heat up and trip.

How long do you usually pull 70A?

According to the spec sheet on AndyMark, a 40A snap action breaker should be able to pass 70A (175% load) for 2.2 to 9.2 seconds. There may be wider or narrower variation among other brands, of course.

I see. That appears to explain it. Thanks!

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