PDP required firmware version

As of 2017, what is the minimum required version of PDP firmware? The most recent information I can find is from a 2015-01-13 Team Update stating that 1.37 was the minimum. I see that 1.40 is available as of 2015-01-22. My guess is that there have not been updates since then.

I believe version 1.4 is required because that is the latest on the CTRE website. I may be wrong though.

I just looked through the Robot Rules, the only official source for this year. I could not find a minimum required firmware version for the PDP. There are multiple firmware versions required for other items:

Talon SRX: 0.28 or newer if using via PWM (R34 part A section vi)
If using CAN: Grey Jaguars: v109, Black Jaguars: v109, Talon SRX – v1.01 (R75)
PCM: 1.62 (R76)

arjunanand23 - Can you please find where you got that information from for us?

He said that it’s the latest firmware on CTRE’s website, not that it’s required per the manual.

It’s interesting that the manual doesn’t list minimum firmware versions for the roboRIO and PDP this year. Perhaps it was an oversight?

The RoboRIO firmware we have is 3.0.0f0 which is what we used last year. The fact that the instructions for updating the RoboRIO firmware lists an NI path that does not exist (Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\Firmware\cRIO\76F2), I assume there is no new version for that either. The instructions for that also appear to be outdated.

For the RoboRIO image, it appears that FRC_2017_v8 is the latest (required?) version.

He stated

I believe version 1.4 is required…]

I just want to make sure we have clear statements on here for teams that come through and see something - if it’s not in the manual that we shouldn’t say that it’s “required” for anything!