PDP Unusual flashing

We’re have strange issues with the PDP where it flashes BOTH red and yellow lights. It doesn’t show up in the system config list on the roborio web interface either.

We’ve tried fixing potential sticky voltage issues and buy the can connection might be bad.

video here

Flashing red/orange means there is a hardware problem somewhere in the CAN bus, according to CTRE’s Talon SRX user guide.

Are you running directly from the RIO to the PDP?

I am, would we have to get a new CAN bus? What does that involve?

Are your CAN wires twisted and properly shielded? Have you checked your connections at both ends of the wires? Have you replaced the wires?

According to the FRC status light quick reference you have some damaged hardware and yes this would count as a special state as it is flashing two colors red and white. You will have to most likely get a new PDP.
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(Note this is a PDF)

I know that link didn’t work for me, but I assume this is what you were getting at: For the 2020 season software documentation has been moved to https://docs.wpilib.org. Documentation for KOP items can still be found here. | FRC KOP Documentation

While this is likely the cause, it’s worth checking to see if a bad CAN connection is causing it to go between orange and red… it happened to us.

We encountered a problem similar to this one, where the PDP and all talons (srx) were flashing orange and red.
After checking the CAN connections we took the system apart using only one talon srx connecting to the CAN.
We then changed every talon srx ID and updated the firmware of all the talons and PDP.
Somehow it fixed the red/orange flashing, although in your video the flashing seems to be more stable than those we had…

Yah, when my team first wired everything there were some issues with that but, the LED was solid red though not flashing red and orange like his video. So that is my reasoning behind my thoughts on the PDP. Also the status light quick reference states that if the LED is solid red than is no CAN communication. But, if the PDP still having issues in little bit I would inform your mentor just in case it is some damaged hardware.

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P.S. Have you just unboxed this PDP and did it come with the kit of parts? Because if it came with KOP and it was brand new you should be able to get a free replacement. But, if you have used the PDP before then you’re out of luck.

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