Does anyone know the AWG range that can be used in the Wago 40A and 20A/30A power connectors?

I’d also like to know the Wago part number so that I can look up the manufacturer’s installation advice.

I checked the spec sheet on CTR’s website, and it does not list the AWG range for the Wago connectors, only the Weidmuller CAN connectors.

Answering my own question:

Dan from CTR electronics responded (via my email query) that it is listed at the top of page 8 of the wiring guide:

Wago connectors

The next step will involve using the Wago connectors on the PDP. To use the Wago connectors, insert a small flat blade screwdriver into the rectangular hole at a shallow angle then angle the screwdriver upwards as you continue to press in to actuate the lever, opening the terminal.

Two sizes of Wago connector are found on the PDP:

• Small Wago connector: Accepts 10AWG-24AWG, strip 11-12mm (~7/16")
• Large Wago connector: Accepts 6AWG-12AWG, strip 12-13mm(~1/2")

To maximize pullout force and minimize connection resistance wires should not be tinned (and ideally not twisted) before inserting into the Wago connector.

Thanks CTR for the quick response!

Please note that the design specs for the connectors are NOT necessarily equivalent to the rules. Make sure you read the rules and follow the proper wire gauge sizes!

Thanks Jon - a wise reminder!