Peach Blitz - A new FRC offseason event in Atlanta, Georgia

Introducing Peach Blitz - A new FRC offseason event in Atlanta, Georgia.
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When: Saturday, September 22, 2018
Where: Woodward Academy - 1662 Rugby Avenue, College Park, GA 30337
Capacity: 32 teams (open to teams inside and outside PCH)
Cost: $350

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More off-season events is always a good thing. Thank you to the teams/people involved in setting this up.

I approve haha

Well, you got Beaches, we got Peaches. Same thing only different.

We got more of them than Georgia. SCRIW VIII: Peachier Blitz? :wink:

(Totally sent this event to my team for consideration, since THOR is at capacity already.)

Pardon? I’m fairly sure Georgia has beaches. Not in Atlanta, but if the state doesn’t have some sort of beach, you should probably check to make sure that Florida and South Carolina haven’t managed to steal the shore to break SC’s district isolation.


Maybe (I have yet to see one) but not like California. Plus, Peach Blitz is in, er, College Park.

How many beaches? Almost one. :smiley:

We have a relatively small amount of coast line in Georgia so not a lot of beach. A good chunk of that is National park / wilderness and is moderately accessible.

Sometimes you’ll find a beach on the edge of a raised platform…