Peachtree flip

We watched the #7 and #8 seed alliances make it to the finals at Peachtree. It was very exciting to watch, but does this happen often?

Also, there were only two 100 point rounds at Peachtree and it sounds like other regionals are much higher scoring. Was there more parity at Peachtree than other regionals this year with most of the robots being closer to some threshold in overall ability? Or, is this years game not rewarding design/capability as much as in years past? So many questions and so little knowledge… yes, we are a rookie team!

It could be that teams are playing the game a little smarter. I know of a couple matches that we played in where we just stopped scoring moon rocks to avoid the loss of “Empty Cells” in the next match.

Not often, but it does happen. Usually, #1 wallops #8 and #2 does the same to #7. If a #7 or #8 seed wins, everybody else knows to look out, because here comes a tough alliance. Or else they proceed to knock out whoever takes down #1 or #2. See Midwest this year, with 1114’s early exit.

[geezer]Back in my day, the bottom half of the top 8 alliances had almost no chance whatsoever. Then they came out with this weird serpentine pick that made it a little more common.[/geezer]

As a matter of fact, the 2007 world champions were a #8 alliance in their own division.

It does happen on occasion. Especially when the field is of a certain “depth”. I’m not sure if it is the case at Peachtree. Many times the serpentine draft results in the 1 and 2 alliances have 2 excellent robots a piece and one that can barely move.

it could be parity
or it could be that the regional was a bit more favorable to defense.

defense in this game is more likely to come out of the lower alliances to counter the higher offensive alliances.

also, Galileo’s 8 seed made it to the final of their field at championship 2007

…while i was doing research on this (qf2 on curie last year looked really exciting seeing all those +100 scores… might watch)

it does happen occasionally usually it is do to some smart alliance selection but usually 1 beats 8 and 2 beats 7

One of the other things that happened at peachtree was one of the 2 scoring robots on the #1 alliance was broken for 3 out of the 4 matches we played. It is near impossible to win this year with a nonfunctioning alliance partner particularly in the elimination rounds. The one match that all of our robots were working, we won 70 something to 30 something invoking a G14.

Once again my point is proven, standings/rankings(even the alliance ranks) mean nothing. Scouting data will tell you the real truth!

honestly, one of the reasons we were ranked so low (43/47) was because we had small issues that killed us. Once we got into the playoffs as the number 8 seed we got everything working.
And yes scouting is very important. there have been years where our robot wasnt great at the time but due to luck we were able to be the 6th seed at a large regional (VCU 2004)

Rank is base in some part to just how lucky you get in you alliance pairings. I watched 1319 all weekend and saw them struggle in stacked matches. They were mid-pack, but my first pick. Once they had a functioning alliance, they really shined. 7 vs 8 is rare, but very intertaining to watch.

Hey, hey, hey. We beat you guys with pure skill. :smiley: Proof:

Otto broke at the very end of the first match, we won. Second match got restarted. Third match our robot didn’t work at all, Otto was, and we still tied you. Fourth we lost badly, I have no excuse for that. Fifth, Otto didn’t work at all and we beat you.

I think it seems pretty even to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

We would have been first seed if our drivers station didn’t break, and we had good alliance parters against 1764 and Flash.

I’m glad it worked out how it did though, otherwise we probably would have not ended up in an alliance with you guys.

Lets clarify this further. Otto was broken the entire time in the first match. I am almost positive that they snapped there chain when 547 ran full speed into the side of them. I dont see any other reasonable explanation for snapping #35 chain in this years game. The third match otto also was not working as they had forgotten to put on a chain tensioner in their speedy repair and the chain popped off again. The only match that otto functioned in was the fourth match and they were functioning in the 2nd match before it was reset.

Things like this happen and you guys did a good job of putting together a strategy and making it work. Congratulations on the win and I enjoyed chatting with you guys before matches. I just wanted to throw out a possible explanation for the so called “flip” at peachtree.

I guess I might be wrong. I was just pointing out that we didn’t win because of luck.

I hope to see you guys at the Championships.

dont say that. b/c everytime anybody wins, it takes some degree of good fortune:D

And some degree of skill, especially when you are playing 2 of 3.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about winning if you’re opponents break. It’s part of the game. The alliance with the fewest mechanical problems is often the one that emerges victorious. It takes a lot more than just execution on the field to win a Championship at any level.
Even the greatest of coaches and teams will agree with me on this one.

so note my wording, SOME degree of good fortune. im not discrediting the skill needed. it takes both.

Yeah, what I meant was, completely because of good luck.

luck - the intersection of preparation and opportunity

Okay… um. Maybe luck wasn’t the right word to use then?

You guys are making me feel stupid. :smiley: