Peachtree Pics??

Dose anyone that attended the Peachtree Regional have pictures of the event??

I have about a hundred or so pics from peachtree. They are all over the Chiefdelphi file size limit so i will not post them here but if you IM or Email me i can send them to you. I think some of my teammates have pics as well.

Mrs. Wright got a pic of the ? I painted on Woodie Flowers’ head. I can’t wait to see it. Kristin

Kristin that is going to be hilarious! You need to post the pic once you get it! Classic!

Believe me, I plan on it. She has a pic of me actually spraying it on his head too. Definately a keeper. :slight_smile:

the pics that i took can be founf at

[edit] this file has been moved to

If anybody else has any pics from peachtree and you send them to me at [email protected] i will add them to the above mentioned file so that we can all haave lots of Peachtree regional pics:) Thanks

awww, the file got BALETED. i’ll try and get the pics i have uploaded sometime soon… i think there may be a couple of good ones.

no its not deleted just moved! Grrr…
someonne moved it to

There are now more pics on the geargrinders site . There will be many more as soon as I sort through all of the files my dad shot (many CD’s worth of TIFFs). Actually I probably won’t post many of them because of the large number of them.

And that picture of the “?” on Woody? Can someone post that/email it to me? That would probably be the funniest thing I have seen since the competition.:slight_smile:

You’re all going to be disappointed. Ann’s digital camera got majorly jarred in the van on the way home. The super disk containing the green ? pictures bit the dust. We also lost pix of Teams 356, 507, and 1077 after eliminations. There were two or three cameras I think so we may still have some of those pix. We’re bummed right now.:frowning:

That is such a bummer! All the ones with the Alliances pics and stuff! Darn!! Once I get the pics from Jenna I will load them up so you can see them! It will problem be some time next week! I’ll let you know!.

coach on 1077