Peak Performance 2019 Off-Season!

Its important to remember how much work goes into even a smaller 30 team off-season. I’m sure that you could ask Evan or anyone on 5803 or 1540 or 2046 and they’d tell you the crazy amount of work that goes into hosting one of these events, and that isn’t even to host one of those huge events like Chezy Champs or IRI.

Though, if you have the space and enough mentors who are excited about the idea totally try to make it happen! There’s definitely the demand and more than a small opportunity for fundraising. I’m also pretty sure there are plenty of people who’ve offered to show people how to run an offseason. I could help you or others reading this post find those resources if anyone’s interested. (Disclaimer that I haven’t and probably won’t host an offseason, I’m just offering to help you find resources)


Theres 4 offseasons in PNW, which isint being counted?

You’re right. I forgot to count the Oregon Girls Gen. My bad.

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For Robot Rewind 2018 in Spokane, only 16 teams came. It did get up to 23 robots due to good amount of teams bringing in a second robot. Of course last year, the Washington Girl Gen was at the same day. This year, they are on separate weekends. I am wondering if there will be a better turnout for Rewind this year. I have not seen a team list yet for it.

From what I have seen at Peak and Rewind is that most teams stay on their side of the Cascades, and only one team might venture over to the other side. Then there was a team that comes up from Boise, ID along with the one team from Seattle for Rewind.

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I’m sure for the majority of teams, the money required to travel for an off-season event (considering hotel, gas, and sub pay) is far too substantial to justify. Especially considering many of these events offer no awards other then winning.

I’ve heard the argument that sending just your drive team to compete for the benefit of drive practice, but that gets rid of a huge part of off season events: getting students excited and giving the team as a whole to get practice.

I’ve never had a chance to talk with a team specifically about how they weigh the benefits vs costs of traveling for an off season events, but I suspect it isn’t an easy decision. I suspect these reasons are why we don’t offten see teams traveling any more then 2 hours for an off season event.

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